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Blog for May 29th, 2015

May 29th, 2015
Morocco, Tacheddirt to Tizi Likemt (3,555m)
Checking if snow covered col is open

I wanted to explore the area south east of Imlil by going over the Tizi Likemt col. As there was snow in the col I wasn't sure how easy it would be to cross

The route entailed a path down by the Mosque down, crossing the river, ascending up to the road and then ascending a long path to the col
Alternative path
On my way from the gite to the Mosque path, a young local boy said he knew another way down. I was willing to explore so I followed him

His route entailed dropping down field terrace walls and winding through orchards and planted terraces

I'm not sure if it was a quicker way but I still gave tip for the off-piste experience
Track after crossing river at Tacheddirt
Looking north back to Tacheddirt
Final ascent to Tizi Likemt
Insects in snow
There was only a small amount of snow at the col

A weather station is at the top of the col and is built on a raised platform, giving a sheltered area underneath. Useful to know for an unplanned stop, although half it's height was filled with snow
Weather station courtesy of the People of Japan
I went a short distance east to the 3,743m height and then returned back to the col
Looking east at Tizi Likemt
When I arrived back at the Tizi Likemt col, 4 young Czech people were finishing their ascent. They were the first independent trekkers I had met
Looking west at Tizi Likemt
I then went west towards Tazegzaout n'Louah. The route was along some easy scrambling. I turned round after about an hour so I didn't have to descend back to Tacheddirt too late in the afternoon
Looking east back towards Tizi Likemt
Looking north west to Tacheddirt
Returning back to Tacheddirt
In Tacheddirt I went to the expensive hotel to see what it was like

An ex-guide Hasan now works there and I had a chat with him about his experiences with various UK trekking companies

He explained that the refuge is closed as it was very basic compared to the gites and hotel. The school is free to attend but the college has to be paid for
Terraced planting at Tacheddirt