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Blog for May 26th, 2015

May 26th, 2015
Morocco, Third attempt to reach Tameskaoute (3,210m)
Good weather at last

I slept well and woke up at 10:15 so I didn't have time to go to Oukaimeden for water
Breakfast was simple, 2 multi-vitamin tablets and some Pepsi. Not much nutrition but it saved time
Empty hut outside Oukaimeden
Looking west just outside Oukaimeden
I had to get water from a steam that I passed the day before and had rejected due to litter in it and the fact that there were houses up stream of it
Looking to Adrar n'Ouhattar Ridge and Tameskaoute
Interesting 'animal skin' like rocks
More empty huts outside Oukaimeden
Cluster of caterpillars feeding
Looking at Oukaimeden lit up in sun
Soon after Adrar n'Ouhattar looking along Adrar n'Ouhattar ridge
Short climb down just before final ascent
Down climb required just before final ascent to Tameskaoute
Looking back on final ascent to Tameskaoute
Summit of Tameskaoute (3,210m)
Looking south down to Agounss
Looking south west to Adrar n'Ouhattar
When I returned to the refuge I had dinner there as it included 3 courses and was only slightly more expensive than a local tagine